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We stock a wide range of vinyl and Cds covering most genres including jazz and ambient/electronic music. Good quality collections always sought.

Owner's Music

The owner stocks and sells music from his own band including a few remaining vinyl copies of 'From the Other Side of the Glass Asylum' by The Chapter House recorded in 1985 and his most recent CD release 'The Night Land' by The Dream Play.



Associated Bands

Bob Calvert and the Star Fighters

The Arnold

The Arnold Incorporated

Dr Maya

Black Roze

Stock from Other Labels

Occasional Books is happy to stock music from small interesting labels around the world. Get in touch if interested.

News and Events Coming Up

The Dream Play is currently remixing a new CD for 2019.

Top 10 Shop Music May 2019

1. Ivo Perelman - Philosopher's Stone 

2. Max Richer - Sleep

3.  Frank Zappa - Joe's Garage

4. Anthony Braxton - Composition No. 94

5. Art Zoyd - Experiences De Vol 4-5-6

6.  Tangerine dream - Ricochet

7. Hatfiled and the North - Hatgield and the North

8. Joe Hnderson - The Elements

9. Mountain - Flowers of Evil

10. Pink Fairies - Never Never Land