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The Book Wrecker at Occasional Books

Occasional Books invited Sally O'Sullivan, a local artist who sometimes goes by the moniker, 

The Book Wrecker, to produce a site-specific installation as  part of the Streatham Festival's Art23 Art Trail, #StreatFest18  #Art23

Sally uses books that have been discarded. 

Facebook Page: @SallyOSullivanBookWrecker

The Book Wrecker Series

This body of work has come about as a result of being given the wrong book at the right time.

The Kindle / e-reader has arrived. Libraries are under threat. Is the book as we know it - the object we have grown to love, to handle, to lend, to pass on, to decorate, to annotate, to turn the pages of, to cherish - under threat?

This work is about the book as an object, not a subject.

When I discovered that Librarians (the custodians of our books) have to make decisions which lead to books being withdrawn, removed or re-cycled, that was all I needed to be set free of the taboos: Don't mark the book! Don't tear the page!

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